Camp! on Flickr.This is the first photo to make it from the last few weeks on the road in Canada and the US - the first ‘real’ photo I’ve taken on digital on the trip! Camped in Oregon listening to a thunderstorm rage in the distance.
Liam and Angie on Flickr.A little out of my normal field - but for my best mate and his girl I couldn’t resist to post :)
Storm skies and Barrels on Flickr.
Crossing Border Lines on Flickr.
Barrenjoey Headland, NSW on Flickr.
Infinite on Flickr.
Amy on Flickr.Catching the sunrise, South Coast NSW
Camp on Flickr.Couldn’t have asked for a better location to set up!
Afternoon Sun on Flickr.James looking over the horizon, South Coast NSW
Liam on Flickr.Up high on the South cliffs of Freshwater, NSW
Saba on Flickr.
Emilio on Flickr.Sunrise Surf Check - Seal Rocks.
The North on Flickr.
Sunrise looking North from Seal Rocks, NSW
Emilio on Flickr.
On an Autumn’s Morning. Seal Rocks, NSW
The South Bank on Flickr.
A crowded line-up at Freshy one Summer afternoon. Crazy Busy!
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